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SAFE Pharmaceutical was established in 2016, based on national level drug research and development units such as the Institute of Drug Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the former National Beijing Drug Safety Evaluation and Research Center, etc. SAFE pharmaceutical is committed to become a world-class one-stop medical CRO service company and has following units/divisions: pharmaceutical development consultation, formulation and pre-formulation development, efficacy, disease animal models, pharmacokinetics, toxicology and safety evaluation, Bioanalysis, bio-equivalency, clinical phaseⅠ-III and pharmacovigilance, etc.

The company has been successively awarded the honorary titles such as national high-tech enterprises, Beijing Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprises, etc. SAFE owns Gu’An GLP Drug Evaluation Center, Beijing Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics center, Shenzhen Pharmacology Evaluation Center, Sichuan Disease Animal Model Center, Beijing Physical and Chemical Characterization Center and Beijing Clinical Trial Center, Benxi Small Molecule Bioanalytical Center, Shandong Bio-Analytical Laboratory and GCP Clinical Trial Bases in four provincial grade-IIIA hospitals.

SAFE has a high-quality core research and development team whose members had been engaged in new drug research and development and evaluation for many years, with core experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Former Academy of Military Medical Sciences and various professional evaluation branch offices of the National Medical Products Administration. They have served more than 400 companies, both domestic and international, and successfully completed more than 600 non-clinical and clinical package evaluations, conducted 2,000+ non-clinical and clinical trial projects, and presided over and participated in many major new drug development projects, national 863, 973 and Natural Fund key projects. The service covers pharmacology, toxicology, pathology, pathophysiology, medical clinical examination, laboratory animal science, statistics and other specialties.

SAFE Preclinical Safety Evaluation Center (SAFE Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.) obtained all 9 GLP certifications from the National Medical Products Administration’s (NMPA). The 9 certifications include:

Single and repeated dose toxicity (Rodent animals)
Single and repeated dose toxicity (non-rodent animals, including non-human primates)
Reproductive toxicity (paragraph I and II)
Genetic toxicity (Ames test, Micronucleus test, Chromosomal aberration test)
Local toxicity
Immunogenicity test
Safety pharmacology
Drug dependence


  SAFE Pharmaceutical has an expert consulting team consisting scientists across multi-disciplinary fields with excellent experience in pharmaceutical research and development, helping companies transform their ideas into medical products for the benefit of the general public.


  With 20 years in the clinical services, SAFE Pharmaceutical provides clinical research services in phase I-III to help pharmaceutical enterprise to move their products to the market faster.


  SAFE Pharmaceutical provides pharmacological, pharmacokinetic, safety and other research services needed for early drug development and helps enterprises to select better candidate to enter the pipeline.


  SAFE Pharmaceutical provides comprehensive, integrated preclinical and clinical services. Assist pharmaceutical companies in global submission.

Five Features

» SAFE Pharmaceutical provides the most comprehensive, integrated preclinical and clinical services. Assist pharmaceutical companies in global submission.

» Efficacy and toxicological evaluation of psychotropic medicine

» Efficacy and toxicological evaluation of biological products such as Cells

» Inhalation toxicity evaluation

» Phototoxicity evaluation