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SAFE Laboratory
Toxicologic Pathology Laboratory
Toxicologic Pathology Laboratory
SAFE Pharmaceutical Anatomical and Clinical Pathology Laboratories are operated by a group of experienced domestic and overseas veterinarian pathologists and technical staff. Four of domestic anatomical pathologists are STP/ESTP members and are certified domestic veterinary pathologists, while overseas pathologists, including G. DAVID YOUNG, DVM, DACVP, Co-founder of the US. Flagship Biosciences Inc., and RENÉE C. PEARSON, MS, DVM, professional member of American Veterinary Medical Association and manager of Renée Pearson Consulting, LLC., are US Board Certified Veterinarian Anatomical Pathologist and Veterinarian Clinical Pathologist, respectively. The lab is equipped with top of the line pathological equipment, and is in full compliance with the international standards of toxicologic pathology (including specimen retention and trimming, standardized SSNDC and INHAND of diagnostic terminology). The PEER REVIEW system has been implemented and is in line with OECD guidelines, ensuring the high quality of pathological reports. For difficult cases, remote consultation will be conducted with domestic and foreign experts through the established digital pathological remote consultation system.

Service Ability
• Conventional paraffin slice, HE staining, light microscopy
• Transmission electron microscopic examination
• Immunohistochemical staining
• Various special staining
• Apoptosis TUNNEL detection
• In situ hybridization
• Tissue chip

Pathological examination for Special Organs
• Eyeball preparation and histopathological examination
• Cardiac conduction system histopathological examination