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SAFE Service
Animal Model Center
Animal Model Center
The new drug efficacy evaluation services featuring non-human primate and other large animal models. The facilities are constructed in accordance with the latest international standards, including animal vivarium, surgical suites, necropsy suites and supporting laboratories, such as analytical, microbiology, molecular biology , and cell culture laboratories.

Validated Disease Animal Models

*representative has successfully accepted for IND domestically and abroad

Psycho-neuro disease Model

Alzheimer’s disease(mice)*

Parkinson’s disease(mice, rhesus monkey)*
Vascular dementia (rhesus monkey)
Depression and anxiety (mice, rhesus monkey)
Chronic compression nerve injury (rat, mice)
DQJ Sciatic nerve block (rat, mice)* 

Local analgesia (rat, mini pig)*

Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Model   

Ischemic stroke (rat, rhesus monkey) * 

Pulmonary embolism (beagle dog, rhesus monkey) * 
Myocardial infarction (rat, beagle dog, rhesus monkey)
Heart failure (rat, beagle dog, rhesus monkey) *

Carotid artery(beagle dog, rhesus monkey)*

Metabolic and Digestive Disease Model
Diabetes (type I / II)(rat, mice)* 
Diabetes Complications (rat, mice) * 
Alcoholic/ non-alcoholic fatty liver (rat, mice, rhesus monkey)
Hypertension, hyperlipidemia (rat, mice)
Renal anemia (rat, mice)*
Acute severe pancreatitis (rat, mice)
In vivo sensitivity of long/short acting insulin (minipig)

Oncology Model
Cell line-derived xenografts, CDX (Rat,mice)
Patient-derived xenografts, PDX 
Customized orthotopic models (Rat/ Mouse/ Rabbit)

Ophthalmic Disease Model
Exudative macular degeneration (rhesus monkey)*
Choroidal angiogenesis(rabbit/ rhesus monkey)
Corneal angiogenesis caused by alkali burns*(Rabbit)*
Diabetic corneal disease, dry eye (rat)*
Autoimmune Disease Model
Rheumatoid arthritis(Rat)*
Anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling diseases model (Rat)
YFJ  Psoriasis model (Rat/ Mouse)

Biomaterials and Medical Devices Model

Unilateral Dura Mater defect (Rabbit)*

Liver trauma bleeding model (Rabbit)