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SAFE Service
Pharmacy Formulation Research
Pharmacy Formulation Research
  • Provide direct one-stop support service to all the clinical sites on the study chains, so as to ensure the integrity, quality and progress of the project.

  • With a 500 square meter in-house GMP pilot formulation plant, SAFE provides clients with production schedule flexibility, while also capable of transfer the technology quickly  for variety. 

  • We have successfully developed and completed close to 50 projects of formulation research, and some of them were on-site inspected by NMPA  and passed  without any findings.

  • The average industry experience of R & D team is more than 3 years, and the average experience of project management personnel is more than 6 years.              

  • All laboratories and studies/projects are conducted and managed according to CNAS standard.

  • All studies/projects are lead by the individuals with extensive GMP production experience from the beginning to completion.

Pharmacology Study
  • Small scale process development;
  • Process scale-up or amplification studies
  • Quality improvement and standard setting studies 
  • Product stability determination/establishment 
  • Method validation
  • Packaging compatibility study

Formulation Study
Drug Discovery
Characterization and solubilization of lead compounds and drug candidates

Quality control of APIs

Drug Development 
Formulations for pre-clinical

Scale up and quality control

Post Market New Formulation
Innovative new or improved formulations
  • Oral solid dosage: tablet, capsule, granule, dispersible tablet, sustained or controlled release, pellet, etc.
  • Injectable : lyophilized, sterilized package, infusion solution and other synthetic macromolecular and/or other bioproducts 
  • Biological target drugs research
  • New solid dispersion system reagent 
  • Drug-loading particles system 
  • Development of sustained- and controlled-release drug delivery system