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SAFE Laboratory
Clinical Pathology Laboratory
Clinical Pathology Laboratory

SAFE Pharmaceutical Clinical Pathology Laboratory is equipped with advanced clinical pathology equipment such as biochemical analyzer, blood analyzer, urine analyzer, immune analyzer, flow cytometer, etc. and all analytical equipment and detection methods have been systematically and scientifically validated or verified. With a high-quality research team, we have established a complete personnel training and assessment system, a quality control system and an instrument management and verification system. We have established standardized operation procedures before, during and after analysis to ensure that all tests strictly follow GLP specifications. The raw data are collected and managed by using the Provantis system to ensure the accuracy, integrity, safety and traceability of the data collected.

Main equipment
• BD ACCURI C6 PLUS Flow Cytometer
• Siemens ADVIA 2120i Hematology Analyzer
• Mindray BS-820 Automated Biochemical Analyze
• Mindray C2000-A Automated Biochemical Analyze
• Mindray EU-8000 Urine Workstation

• Blood biochemical test
• Routine blood test
• Coagulation function test
• Immunological detection
• Lymphocyte typing
• Cell cycle detection
• Urine chemistry and visible component detection
• Marrow cell analysis