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SAFE Laboratory
Cell and Microbiology Laboratory
Cell and Microbiology Laboratory

SAFE Pharmaceutical Cell and Microbiology Laboratory provides customers with all ICH required standard tests under the GLP conditions. In screening of lead compounds, high-throughput and rapid genotoxicity early screening tests can also be provided.

GLP Tests
• Ames assay
• In vitro chromosomal aberration of mammalian cells (CHL, CHO, human peripheral blood lymphocytes)
• Mouse lymphoma
• Micronucleus test of mouse marrow cells (microscopic examination)

Early Toxicity Screening Tests
• Ames fluctuation test
• SOS chromo test (colorimetric)
• Binuclear cell micronucleus assay
• Midbrain cell micro cluster culture test Other
• Chromosome aberration assay in mice or rat bone marrow cells
• In vitro and vivo comet assay
• Mice fetal liver micronucleus test
• In vivo micronuclear flow assay