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SAFE Laboratory
Inhalation Toxicity Experiment
Inhalation Toxicity Experiment
SAFE Pharmaceutical has successfully introduced and completed IQ, OQ and PQ of an advanced HRH-MNE3029 inhalation system, manufactured domestically, in the inhalation laboratory. The platform will enable us to conduct single-concentration animal oral and nasal inhalation acute toxicology and toxicokinetic studies on rat and mouse, with liquid (aerosol) or gaseous test articles.
Service Ability
• Sample property tests (physical/chemical property, fog generation property)
• Pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetic trails (bioavailability examination)
• Evaluation of lungs (both pathological and functional examination)
• Pulmonary function evaluation, blood gas exchange determination, and blood gas analysis
• Pharmacodynamic evaluation
• Toxicological evaluation
Available Dosage Form
• Nebulizerd
• DPIs
• MDIs