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SAFE Service
SAFE Pharmaceutical team provides a full set of drugs ADME and pharmacokinetics evaluation services and meet the regulatory requirements from early screening to application of drugs. The team have the capability and experiences to provide all-round support and advancement from drug development to clinical registration for our customers.
In vitro ADME test
• Physical Chemistry Properties
    Solubility, pKa, logD, logP
• Absorption test
    Permeability test,Transporter research
• Distribution test
    Protein binding assay,Whole blood\plasma drug distribution
In vivo pharmacokinetics
• Animal species: Rodents, Rabbits, Dogs, Monkeys, Mini pigs
• Biological samples: blood, plasm, serum, bile, urine, feces, lymph, tumors, and various tissues
• Administration routes: conventional administration routes, including but not limited to, gavage, IV, transdermal, intranasal, sublingual, intracranial, intrathecal, joint, ocular, intestine, etc.
• Analytical substances: small molecules, peptides, antibody recombinant proteins, cellular drugs, oncolytic viruses
• Study types: plasma pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, tissue distribution, PK/PD studies, ADA
In vivo ADME
• Isotope labeling
• Quantitative study of tissue distribution
• Excretion pathway research
• Metabolites identification
• Human absorption and excretion