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SAFE Service
Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics Research
Pharmacological and Pharmacodynamics Service
The Pharmacological and Pharmacodynamics Center has two bases, one located in Beijing and other located in Shenzhen, both are staffed with expert teams with extensive experience in pharmacological models and drug evaluation in multi-therapeutic areas. SAFE is capable of providing preclinical drugability, efficacy evaluation and various scientific research services for new drugs at home and abroad.
Antitumor Drug Evaluation Platform
• Vitro proliferation Inhibition Research of Various Tumor Cells
• Blood/subcutaneous transplantation tumor and orthotopically transplantation tumor model
• Immunodeficiency Animal (NPG/NOG) Transplant Tumor Model of Human Tumor Tissue (PDX)
• Humanized Animal Models of Multiple Immune Checkpoints
• In Vivo Small Anima Imaging (Fluorescence and Bioluminescence)
• Broad knowledges and experience in evaluation of CAR-T, TCR-T, CTL and other cellular drug candidates.
Evaluation Platform for Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular and Blood System
• Rat/Mice ischemic/reperfusion stroke (MCAO) model
• Rat/Dog model of hypertension and myocardial ischemia
• Anemia, thrombosis and hemorrhage/coagulation models in rats/mice/rabbits
• Mice/non-human primate granulocyte/thrombocytopenia model
Evaluation Platform for Neurobehavioral Related Drugs
• Provide an integrated nervous system related drug evaluation platform including dependency experiments
• Effectiveness evaluation of analgesic and addiction related drugs
• Behavioral tests related to cerebrovascular disease models (such as stroke) and nerve injury scores
• Behavioral indicators of neuropsychiatric disease models (such as autism, depression and anxiety disorder models)
• Behavioral testing of other related models, such as rodent and non-human primate models of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease
• Complete set of water maze, open field, rotating rod fatigue, forced swimming, tail suspension, Crawley's sociability, cognition, mental/physical dependence, hot plate and other experiments
Endocrine-Related Drug Evaluation Platform
• Rat/rabbit Hyperlipidemia model
• Rat/mice type I/type II diabetes model
• Non-human primate aging animal diabetes model
• Rat/mice hyperuric acid/gout model
• Rat/mice NASH model
• Rat/dog osteoporosis models
Inhalation Drug Evaluation Platform
• Rat/Guinea pig acute pneumonia model
• Rat pulmonary fibrosis model
• Rat asthma model
• Rat COPD model
Digestive System Drug Evaluation Platform
• Rat gastric/duodenal ulcer model
• Rat bile excretion model
• Rat/Mice histamine acid secretion model
• Rat/Mice diarrhea model
Immunoinflammatory Related Drug Evaluation Platform
• Rat/rabbit various osteoarthritis model
• Rat adjuvant/collagen arthritis model
• Other related inflammatory models such as ulcerative colitis, graft versus host disease (GVHD)
Other Drug Evaluation Platforms
• Skin disease evaluation platform: including rat/mice/rabbit/small pig burn/scald/knife wound model, guinea pig eczema model
• Kidney disease evaluation platform: rat 5/6 nephrectomy model, doxorubicin-induced injury, Thy1 monoclonal antibody immunity and stress nephropathy model, rat/mice diuretic experiment
• Antimicrobial evaluation platform: in vitro test of various bacteria, mice/rat bacterial toxicity test, antibacterial efficacy test (abdominal, intravenous, nasal), diarrhea model of Escherichia coli